Monday, November 29, 2010

Pioneer Bonnets

These are the finished ones.  Some are spoken for, others not.  I am putting them on here for ease of viewing.
Girls size Small

Toddler Size to 3 years

Girls size 6-8

Girls size 6-8
Blue on right and Blue with purple on left

Girls size Small (Fits my 13 year old)

Girls size Small
Left side model is 10 years old, with a 21.5 inch head
Right side model is a 7 year old, with a 20.75 inch head 
The larger bonnets look fine on either head, as you see here.  They are the same size.  I couldn't get the toddler size ones to fit, they looked hilarious!

Left size 6-8, Right size 6-8

 Left size Small , Right size 6-8

Both size Small
Email me to confirm which ones you want!
* Look further down for some great clearance Mary Kay items as well.


Kimberly said...

Those are gorgeous! I love the pink with flowers that I originally like, and especially like the one that is part solid pink, part floral.

You truly have a talent. Have you thought of opening an shop?

Jo said...

Thanks Kim, you are such an encourager! I like that!
I have looked on Etsy, but haven't looked into all the details yet. After Christmas if I get more sewing done, I have some more ideas for whole outfits, etc. I love to dream!