Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Joys

There is something in the deepest part of my heart that beats true to my God and the wonderful world He created every time I am in His wilderness.

I was born in Manitoba then moved to a Northern Ontario community where my Dad worked for Great Lakes and also worked a remote trap line.  The fun times we had travelling my truck, then boat, then quad then boat just to get to our cabin.  The evergreens and rocks surrounded us with an indescribable beauty as the waves on the lakes sang us a gentle lullaby every night.  Some say your heart beats for that which you grew up with.  I had the evergreens, rocks and lakes first before I had prairies, and my heart rests whenever I drive down this road.  AHHHH
Now for something else that makes my heart beat ~

I feel so close to God when I see His creatures enjoying the world around them.  These cuties surprised us the other day.  The baby looked a bit like a lion with all his fluffy hair around his neck.  He was in great form, strutting around, shaking his "mane" and frolicking around for us.

See his fluff?

I know God is looking out for us.  My Mother- in-love reminded me how incredibly blessed and crazy my garden was this year and how Gregg got both a mule deer and a moose without putting very many hours in.  God is showing me total reliance on Him to provide the basics.  We have a roof, we have food (yeah red meat) and somehow the bills will get taken care of.  I am learning to trust Him in everything, I have never liked debt and now ours seems like a mountain to me.  We never dreamed that neither of our houses would not have sold by now.  Maybe God is taking me to utter reliance and forcing a re-mortgage. No rent money coming in and that we would be this long with little to no income.  We have learned to tighten up our belts even more than I thought possible, but have learned the joy of spending evenings together and enjoying nature even more.  It is free, but so valuable to the soul!

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Kimberly said...

Oh I love this...simply love. Sometimes I think of our trials as blessings, in the sense that I learn from challenge and struggle and that's how we grow. But how sweet it is to see them as a true gift from a loving father, who seeks to encourage us to draw closer to him. Absolutely beautiful.

May you continue to feel that way, even in the midst of the hardest struggles.

Merry Christmas!