Tuesday, July 06, 2010

God is so funny ~ and good!

So, well, me and my man have a bit of a daily routine going to and from work.  We stop at "Share Sheds" along the way.  I should take a picture of one.  In BC, almost every dump yard has one.  It is a shed where anyone can put their "someone may still use this" type items.  So we try to stop on the way home from work each day, check it out.  Not quite like dump running in Oak Lake, but it will suffice.
In my last post I was at wits end with growing children and clothes that fit and timelines in which to fill their lists of needs with little or no money involved.

So yesterday we popped by a share shed and Gregg plunked a garbage bag of clothes into the trunk for further inspection on the way home.


Mei now has
 A. Speedo swimsuit (her's split)
B. little brown sweatpant shorts
C. Swim shirt (Roxy)

Kate will have:
2 more pairs of pants (hopefully)
1 nice Nike sport bra
a couple shirts

Jo know owns
LU LU LEMON sweats!   Oh my!  They are the bomb!  SOOOO comfy and nice and wonderful.  I feel so rich!  Maybe I'll post a picture of those later.
Also some hiking type/sport type shirts, sweats, pants AND the pair of Penguin Flannel PJ's I wanted this past Christmas!

So, Christmas came in July for us and I am feeling so happy about how God laughs and says "here you go, stop worrying, I've got you!"  So we laughed.  And gave thanks for a God with a sense of humor and even one that threw in the pengiun pj's for kicks.

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