Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Children grow like weeds

Oh it was fun when they were little, growing into new cute adorable little dresses and outfits.  Not so much now-a-days.
My eldest is not quite 13 years old and has outgrown borrowing my clothes already.  She was blessed with flat feet/fallen archs from her Daddy and it makes finding size 8 girls shoes near impossible if you want something under $150.  For the past few months I have been searching for clothes for her.  I have found 1 pair of pants, capris and shorts.  One dress.  WOW.  Still no bathing shorts and she goes to camp in a few days.  She's been swimming in light weight cotton PANTS.  Yes, pants.  Things need to feel right, and I guess they do?!  Can you read my frustration as a parent here?  She is at an important age and I have very little funds to shop til we drop for her like she deserves.  I want her to be comfortable in her every changing skin.  At least I have her on the waiting list to see the foot doctor.  She has been limping around here for days.  Poor thing.  Her shoes are all but hanging together by a thread and I can't find anything else.  What are we going to do for camp?  ughhh

At least the 9 year daughter seems to have her pick of clothes!

Poor 6 year old, bent over the other day and split her bathing suit right up the backside!  very amusing, but now she has no suit and goes to camp tomorrow. 

It's not like it used to be, buy a size 4 because they're 4 years old.  Gone gone gone.  Now it's all dumb and boring.
Sorry about my posts lately, I do seem to have an Eeyore hanging over my head like a little black rain cloud.

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