Monday, July 12, 2010

God is still so funny ~ and still so good!

My oh my!

Today is a great day!  So many things in life are uncontrollable, and that is what it is ~ we are little people on a huge planet, made for God's companions.  Lots of aspects of my life right now and unpredictable.  I have been trying to relax and enjoy how God works and to leave everything in His hands.  I have been feeling the emptiness of not being able to "serve" God in other areas besides my family/home.  I have just returned from another 2.5 days helping in the kitchen at a local Bible camp for kids.  OH the joys of constant busyness and making litres of whipped cream, dozens of cookies and muffins and hundreds of pancakes!  I enjoyed little visits with people of all ages and walks of life.  So many foster children volunteering on the "work crew" and doing an absolute awesome job (even though some had never cut a watermelon before!).  Life is good.  I feel good helping others.  It was great and I know my Mom will enjoy helping in August.

AND today ~ my list is very very long.
1.  Figure out why our internet is hardly ever working.  On the phone for 1.5 hours with 2 different technicans and have a diagnosis.  It is our wireless router.  Now I can pay bills, surf and such is a time friendly manner again!  YEAH!  I also learned how to empty  my browser history and temporary files.  GOOD.
2. Phone BC Health again and ask about premium assistance and if we will be getting a retro-payment.  WE ARE!  It will be enough to cover our basic expenses for 1 month!  YEAH YEAH
3. Figure out how we are going to make it to our big family reunion this July...#2 has really come in handy to solve that! Also received Shell gas coupons in the mail that I had redeemed Air Miles points for.  That helps with gas.  ALSO received some samples in the mail...deorderant, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, etc all in little containers!  Perfect for camping!  HA HA.  GOD loves to make me laugh!
4. Someone that owes us a fair chunk of money phoned today and hopefully the money will show up soon (or at least some of it).  I can always hope and pray for that.  That is really needed right now.

So today my girls and I will be searching on line (with a speedy connection) for fun things to do between us and our reunion that I can use up $120 of homeschool money for.  We're thinking my childhood dream "Enchanted Forest" or the Zoo, Heritage Site or Callaway Park.  It will depend which one has some coupons available on line.  VERY EXCITING!  So even though we're not knowing where the next day's bread is coming from, we will be able to take some time with our girls this summer and attend the reunion and maybe even do something fun.  God is so good.  So today God I'm smiling and laughing at your sense of humor and being encouraged by your loving care of your little ones.

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