Saturday, June 15, 2013

Just another day on the funny farm

These photos were taken in the last few days ~ just a little of this, a little of that in our typical family fashion.

 What is it about little cuddly critters that either melts a person's heart or turns them running for the hills?  We never tire of seeing children's reactions to animals.

 These boys like to help
 ... and eat grapes
 The 2 oldest siblings, joking and moping about dump runner finds

 Kate and her "Angie Angie"
 Gregg putting the finishing touches on our "new" rabbit hutch while someone watches that he doesn't chop off any limbs with the saw.
 Tweety and his hens, enjoying their first dust bath in their new outdoor pen!
 Two eldest daughters ~ One showing the other how to wrangle a chicken
 these 2 brothers are already old pros and even remember the names of Tweety and Licorice

 Now isn't that niece adorable?  She took to these chickens like a real Henny Penny
 What better place to hang out than at the chicken coop?
 Her little cousin gave her a flower for her hair ~ he's a real sweetie
 This little one gets so excited about the animals that she gets the shakes

 " Hug It!"
 Can't stop this baby from smiling

 How many men does it take to put a door up?

 I didn't get it on camera, but he wasn't too impressed when he tried to get out of this car after sitting in it backwards.  It looked more like he was wearing the car on his head.  Thankfully he's a good sport and Daddy saved the day.

We had our first outdoor meal with the siblings at a brother's house.  It was nice to sit around, picking off wood ticks and watching the children play.  We're looking forward to spontaneous gatherings like this again.

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