Monday, June 17, 2013

Donating Hair

Both Ruth and Mei decided to donate their hair to a charity for wigs.  The exact charity is still unknown as I'm trying to find information on where to send it in Canada.

 Mei took off approx. 9 inches
 The way it was cut left this longer she decided to leave it for awhile and see what she thinks of it.  Much easier to comb now too!
 This commercial break is brought to you by a silly Cocoa who loves the baby swing
 Ruth decided to donate her hair and she took off approx. 12 inches

Ruth's was the most dramatic change for all of us.  She ended up with layers and much lighter hair now.  No headaches and less tangles and hair about the house.

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affectioknit said...

How sweet and generous of them...they look beautiful with their new dos...

~Have a lovely day!