Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to honor a mother ?

How do you pay honor and tribute to a mother for everything that she has done and been for you?  I have been thinking of this and have come to 1 conclusion ~ by living a life worthy of her approval.

I hope that comes out right, I hope my life is turning out in a way that my Mom's (yes my Mom in love is a vital part of my life too) are proud of me.  That I love my husband.  That I love my children.  That the fruits in life speak of growth and that maybe, just maybe, YES, my parents did something right by me.  I know they have and I pray my life speaks of it.

Aren't my Mom's beautiful?  I cherish their prayers.  I cherish their tears with me.  I cherish their laughs at me or with me.  I cherish the knowledge that I get the pleasure of gleaning from them.
 How can words ever express what your loved ones mean to you?  I know I'm not able!

 Both my Mom's have encouraged me in my strengths, they've loved my babies and all their grandbabies equally.  They have cheered me on in my own mothering journey and I am blessed.
 Thank you Trudy and Debbi, you ROCK!

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