Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Smart Canadians

Well, you can imagine my delight that a few weeks ago while waiting for my hubby to renew our car insurance....I found...yes, oh yes, I found....a whole shelf at the library of FINANCAL books!  So I decided to make my way through them this winter!  The first I picked for the "read out loud to your hubby as you drive to Calgary" book was

Smart Canadian's Guide to Building Wealth by Pat Foran from CTV's Consumer Alert

We have in the past read "The Wealthy Barber", "the Millionaire Next Door", "Rich Dad Poor Dad".  This book actually talks about those briefly and interviews the authors some 10-20 years later.  VERY nice, it summarizes everything.

I am loving the straight forward, easy approach to basic daily financial decisions everyone makes.  It is not a "you are so stupid" book or a get rich quick scheme. 

The first thing we are putting into practice is something to better our credit score...mind you, it is not in the toilet or anything, but we realized something through this book.  Having a credit card we NEVER use just makes the bank think "oh, they COULD use another $10,000" because that is the credit limit, so to them, we are already in DEBT that much.  I am cancelling a bunch of cards we never even use...that means phoning them and actually cancelling, not just getting rid of the cards.

It is very exciting.  He said our credit score should go up and that is good!  Yeah for us!

Sorry, this is me and this stuff really makes my world go around.  Also just found another website that looks good too.  Tells you how to make your own cleaners, budget worksheets, recipes, gifts etc.  Only found it tonight.

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