Monday, February 06, 2006

Good friends, good times

Isn't it great to have good friends that can make you go AHHHHH....

To actually relax and enjoy one another's company without feeling the need to "entertain" or "go out" or anything.

This weekend we had some good friends over, see the fotopage if you wish, and had fun just "hanging out". I think the girls dominated a little of the time, but it was fun to play memory, twister, etc, and watch old movie "the ugly daschound".

And again, we are feeling blessed, even though it is looking like our lives will be on extreme-busy mode for the next 2.5 weeks until after Gregg's knee surgery...I'm actually looking forward to that because life will HAVE to slow down! Ha ha.

I am getting back into my Mary Kay more, and have 2 parties this week and 1 next week. I want to get it being more productive again. The possibilities are endless with it, and it kills me to see that with "just a little more" I could be "making a whole lot more". Making more of my time I guess.
Well, Gregg's off for a night shift, and I need to get some sleep.
Good nite all.

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