Monday, January 06, 2014

2013 The Christmas that didn't really happen

Well, despite all our excitement over an approaching holiday season filled with family and friend and good times ~ it didn't really come to pass.

What did come to stay were high fevers, aches, chills, head aches and tummy aches.  Yup, the girls started in on it around Mid December, Daddy caught it the day he came home the 18th and then Mommy rounded it off with everyone just before Christmas and into the New Year.

So, we have a few new traditions now.  The best is "when we're sick, we order Chinese".  Yup, we ordered out Chinese for our Christmas Eve dinner.  A brother picked it up in the neighboring town and we tried to enjoy it.  Our theme song this year has been Sarah MacLachlan "So this is Christmas" Click HERE for a live performance video.  We made up some of our own words, but Sarah's version is much prettier.  ha ha.

 The dog doesn't look very impressed with his reindeer antlers...

We have decided to have a "Christmas Do Over" in January sometime.  When we can actually have our ham with pineapple rings, potatoes, creamed corn, creamy carrots, gravy, pickles and olives and actually enjoy them.
New tradition for Plan B "When sick, order Chinese"

Does this even need explaining?  
 Our girls were very diligent with their beer can gathering this summer/fall.  They purchased a water filter, rabbits, chickens and a blanket for people in Asia with the money earned AND had money for presents for each other.  Win Win Win Win Win.

 Miss R has been stuck on Paris and the Eiffel the girls bought her a jewelry hanger of the tower.
Ripping paper is such a least a nice comfy hoodie was inside!

While we missed all the extended family gatherings, we did get lots of quality bonding family time on the couch.  We got the opportunity to introduce our girls to Audrey Hepburn and uh, Barbie Dreamhouse.  We discovered some short little TV shows of Barbie and laughed and laughed, just click HERE to see for yourself.  Maybe we were delirious with fever, but maybe not.

Baked the dogs some goodies 

...she wonders why the dogs always want in the house?  

ahhh Christmas day, chillin' at my folks

Playing "Things" got the tears of laughter rolling

Even the dog got the "man flu" and took advantage of all the lazy people

Decorating Gingerbread men, lady, hot peppers, pea cocks, etc.

Grandpa T reading from Luke

Couldn't resist this face or photo!

Grandma T made PJ's for all the little ones...I think the grown ups were getting a little green with envy

 Did anyone take note of the man at the egg nog counter?  Yup, a typical family gathering
 More time spent on the couch

So thus 2013 went out with a bang ~ guess that means that 2014 is going to rock our world with awesomeness!

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