Friday, November 01, 2013

Great Christmas Story Book ~ A porcupine in a Pine Tree and The Christmas Baby

I am striving to do some little reviews on books our children have enjoyed and am going through some older blog posts to find any that I have already shared with you.
We usually purchase 1 Christmas story book each year to add to our growing library.  My husband recalls with fondness when his own Mom would bring out the box of Christmas books... everything from Mary and Joseph to the Berenstain Bears.  They would gather around the red couch and Mom would read!  I was privileged as well to be able to join in with this tradition for many years.
The following 2 books were new to us in 2011 and are favorites.

 ~ "The Christmas Baby" by Marion Bane Bauer and Richard Cowdrey ~ such wonderful happy pictures and such delight over ALL babies born at this time of year.  I thought this book appropriate because in our large family, there is always a new babe to celebrate or one that we are anxiously awaiting.  A Big Thumbs Up!

 "A porcupine in a Pine Tree" the Canadian 12 days of Christmas by Helaine Becker and Werner Zimmermann.  Things like 8 Mounties Munching, Five Stanley Cups, Two Caribou... a delightful twist and such fun pictures!  A definite THUMBS UP to this book!

We actually did our own little spin on this book for a Christmas dinner play.  Very easy to adapt and make into a little skit!!!  Now how is that for ideas?
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